What is Uncharted
UNCHARTED is the first metaverse game that hails human’s exploration of ocean and unknown continents.
UNCHARTED is a ship-themed metaverse defined and shared by the community with a sustainable economic system.
UNCHARTED aims to explore the infinite possibilities of NFT as a creativity infrastructure, to subvert existing content and value sharing models with community co-creation and sharing mechanisms so that creativity and value can thrive in communities once again.
With the spirit of co-creation and sharing, Uncharted starts with highly developed and in-house games and drives its development through modular component technology, exploring the infinite application scenarios of NFTs with the community, players, and developers together. Uncharted will create a metaverse backed by recognized NFT assets. Each NFT has a unique value, allowing players to fully enjoy the game.
Create, by conquest. Earn, with strategies. Set sail, captain!
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